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Easing In

What are you thinking right now?

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I’ve been thinking, or rather, I haven’t stopped thinking. It’s hard to single out a time where my mind is focused on one subject at a time. Usually, I reflect on twenty things and how they will play out.

I blame my ADHD, but the truth is, most people’s minds probably work in a similar fashion.

It could be about work. Or my latest writing project. But here lately, it’s been about how my wife and I are going to welcome my son into the world. How is it going to work out for us, for him? What will I do right? What…will I do wrong? How will I provide for them?

So many questions flood to the surface when I consider this one, paramount subject. It’s also forced me to consider what it’s important. The obvious notwithstanding, what activities(hobbies) merit the use of my extra time?

By extra time, I’m talking about times where I’m not working or spending time with family–I guess times when I’m not sleeping count too. I don’t sleep a lot anymore.

I’m a self-diagnosed insomniac/night-owl; it’s always been this way.

But what’s the best use of my time? Only I can answer that question–I know–but I’m talking it out. I would have to say that writing is the best use of my time. I’ll break this writing thing into the most meaningful parts for me.

  • Blogging
  • Writing Short Stories/Novels/Novellas
  • Developing meaningful relationships

I’ll be adhering to a blog schedule. I’ll be easing into it, and it will be a light load to start with. I’d like to accomplish:

  • One author spotlight a month
  • One “In A Nutshell” flash fiction story on the Thursday of each week
  • Frequent Blog Shoutout posts
  • Work Continuously on Scribophile/Connect with other Writers

While the fourth goal may have less to do with blogging and more to do with networking, I’d like to think the point is to link the two up now and then. I’ll start this schedule promptly on Monday, November 14th, 2016 and continue for the foreseeable future.

Now that the schedule is in stone, expect an “In A Nutshell” post by November 17th, 2016.

What sort of flash fiction would you like to see? What strikes you?

Please, let me know



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