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Musings upon a Story

Very interesting post. Rings true with a lot of writers, I think. Even if I can’t publish, but can still write a story that does this, I’ll be satisfied.


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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to have talent, to have purpose, to have a remarkable voice as a writer. In short, I’ve been asking myself why I write. And the truth? I don’t have a definitive answer. I enjoy writing; I derive an immense satisfaction from constructing worlds and setting down the roots of characters who will grow into memorable people. But I think being a true, worthwhile writer involves more than those pursuits.

Sometimes, I worry I simply don’t have anything to say, anything that thunders inside my brain and roars to explode onto paper with the very necessity of existing.

In short, I don’t speak great truths.

Which is fine. I suppose. But I’m asking you, my readers, to spend time on creations which I fear are half-formed and internally shallow. I want the worlds I craft to resonate in the reader’s blood and…

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