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Bring a Writer to the Blog – Author Spotlight!

I believe a blog is chiefly, a personal journey, but it doesn’t always have to be. Once in a while, it’s an excellent idea to appreciate some other writing talent out there.

I’d like to take this time to do just that. It’s my hope that this is one of the many opportunities I have to do author spotlights.


So, please give a warm welcome to B.C. Marine. If you’re a fellow NaNoWriMo, you might better recognize her as Meriverian.

Today, we’ll be discussing her upcoming publication with the first Just-Us League anthology, From the Stories Of Old: A Collection of Fairytale Retellings.

But how about we learn a little about the person behind “Her Dearest Treasure” a retelling of the Grimm fairy tale “The Peasant’s Wise Daughter.”

Besides being a writer, B.C. is also a wife, a mother, and part-time hairstylist. As a long-time native of Western Washington, B.C. used the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest as her inspiration to write this short story. Yet, the motivation to write anything is set deep in B.C.’s bones and started with an intense love for reading books.

As an adult, her go-to reading material is Romantic Fantasy, but she also enjoys Action Thrillers, Science Fiction, and Mystery novels. Some of her favorite authors are Francine Rivers and Donita K Paul, but C.S. Lewis easily wins out in this category.

When she first started school, reading was described to her as nothing more than memorizing words.

Very uninspiring.

But thankfully, her parents valued reading as the privilege it is and gave her all of the tools she needed to develop her passion. Soon, her appetite became as voracious as Cookie Monster when he sees a plate of cookies.

As the spark of her imagination grew into a blazing inferno, creative dreams began to invade her mind. At once, she understood that these weren’t from the stories she read, but unique journeys that she needed to share.

By high school, B.C. realized that she had a knack for writing and grammar. Her mother saw this too and mentioned she should consider a major in English and then strive to become a novelist.

Little did she know, that her mother was onto something, but as many of you understand, writers don’t make money like an average 9-5 gig. She needed a real job she had said. It wasn’t until several years after college that B.C. couldn’t ignore the calling anymore.

So, she decided to give this writing thing a real shot, but not for financial reasons. She says that “Fame and fortune are a long shot for any writer, but that isn’t the real point of it. To have stories inside and not explore the potential of where they could go is a waste, and I decided not to leave any potential wasted.” 

I wholeheartedly agree, and it’s one of the main reasons I write.

While writing itself comes easily for B.C., writing in the midst of daily life can be difficult. If her son’s not using her as his personal jungle gym, she’s has to multi-task to make sure all of the important things in life get done.

Sometimes, the exhaustion can get to her, but she loves writing too much to quit. She’ll give herself a few days to recharge and then it’s back to putting words on the page.

Writing is more than a hobby for her, which is why she has worked diligently to present her best efforts in “Her Dearest Treasure.” While brainstorming for this piece, B.C. wanted to be sure to choose a story that hadn’t been retold countless times. Even though that meant skipping out on some of her all-time favorites, “Her Dearest Treasure” still has special meaning.

The peasant’s daughter, Sonia, weathers the trials of the story on her wits alone. She has no magic or fairy godmother to aid her. More importantly, she’s not a damsel in distress.

Personally, I found the story intriguing because certain characters possessed gifts that created a whole new dynamic for the story. I also enjoyed the many instances of Sonia displaying her sharp mind.

Through hard work, display of undeniable talent, and a supportive writing group, her first retelling came to life, and she’s enjoyed the process so much, it most likely won’t be her last.

Thank you all very much for joining me, and if you’ve enjoyed learning about B.C. Marine and “Her Dearest Treasure” as much as I have, you can also see more at, Twitter, and Facebook.

Also, if you’re looking for a supportive writing group like this one, please check out Scribophile, and embark on a life-changing journey.

In this international collection, new life is given to fairy tales, both classic and obscure.

Mythical creatures put the fairy in Fairy Tale. Mermaids, selkies, and ocean guardians experience the best and worst of humanity; sisters encounter an unusually friendly bear; a brave bride meets a silly goose; and a spinner of gold sets the record straight.

Urban fantasies modernize classics: a Frenchman learns the truth about magic, his past, and his girlfriend; a girl sets out to find love but receives a curse; and today’s naughty list makes Old Saint Nick not-so-jolly.

New worlds bring a fresh sense of wonder! In the future, a young woman fights for her people and herself; a bastard son finds acceptance in a world ruled by women; and a farmer’s wits win the heart of a frosty king.

Discover unexpected twists on old favorites, and fall in love with new tales and worlds to explore!

Set for release in ebook and paperback on December 7th, 2016 on

Just in time for Christmas!



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