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In a Nutshell #5 – Flee

Sometimes, when you sit down at your computer, that spark of inspiration that forced you to write fizzles out as quickly as it came. So, I borrowed some from The Daily Post and their Daily Prompts page for December 12th, 2016.

If you’re feeling blocked, you really should give them a chance, and maybe they can help you too. Check them out here!


Flee. Run. Escape.

I screamed these words to the muscles in my legs, but it was no use.

I was sluggish with fear.

Whisper. Speak. Scream.

Anything to call for help, but I can’t, my voice doesn’t work.

I try to move some small part of my body unsuccessfully.

Blink. Squint. Cry. 

Not even my eyes can save me now.

I’m trapped inside my mind, conscious and awake, and no one knows I’m here.

Despair. Doom. Death.

These are my friends now, and they provide no comfort.

I see without seeing as the scalpel moves toward my chest.

Plead. Pray. Beg.

But only an empty silence answers back.

I am alone with nowhere to flee.

Photo credit: stuant63 via / CC BY-NC




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