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In A Nutshell #7 – Renewal – 12/29/16

Confessions of Overseer Moreau

They told me this was a chance for a clean slate. 

A total and complete renewal.

They were wrong.

There’s no wiping the slate clean.

Not after what I’ve done.

I’ve sinned in the worst way.

I’ve betrayed those who put their trust in me.

All because I followed the rules.

I did the right thing and pain is my reward.

There is no salvation for me. No forgiveness.

Who could find it in their heart to forgive me?

You know who I am.

I am Alexander Moreau, and I am damned.

The Bane fear me.

The Order fears me.

You fear me. And you should.

I wanted to protect humanity from monsters.

Instead, I became one.




Aspiring Writer, Avid Gamer, Green-thumbed gardener.

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