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In A Nutshell #16 – Doubt

DOUBT, Doubt, Doubt, DOuBT…no matter how many times you write it(or type it) it still means the same thing.

And it still has the same amount of power over you.

How much power does DOUBT have over you?

I’m asking in the sense of your writing goals. Your dreams and aspirations.

Do you let it control the flow of words onto the page?

Does it dictate when and how much you write?

Do you let doubt paralyze the musical notes of creation within you?

How do you shake it?

Many other writers throughout the ages have asked this question.

We’ve all begged for an answer–if it exists.

It darkens your doorstep and hangs over you like a cloud of precipitation on a dreary day.

It mucks up the working cogs of your mind, stuffing cement in between them.

What do you do?

How can you go on?

You must bust it up. Take a jackhammer to those gears and get them moving again.

Write about nothing–write about how much Writer’s Block INFURIATES you!

Write until your fingers crack and ache from exertion.

Do everything you can to force doubt out of your life.

Because you don’t take that chance…

If you don’t shake the need to be a perfectionist…

DOubT will always get in your way.


Photo credit: stavos via / CC BY-NC-ND



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