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The Writer’s Block #1 – 03/07/17

These are my Writer’s Block exercises–a way to get the ideas flowing. We all experience it at one time or another. Sometimes we’ll experience it quite often (like me).

It’s my hope that you find these helpful and intriguing. And dare I say, maybe it will get you out of your creative rut as well. All it takes is one WORD.

I found today’s exercise on a website called thinkwritten in a post called 365 Creative Writing Prompts.

Here’s a link.

#6. Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time. 

All these eyes watching me is maddening. 

A hundred pair watch me squirm in the corner.

I don’t belong. I never have.

I am alone. Cursed with a broken clock and endless time.

All these eyes watching me, but yours are the only ones I want.

When I saw you, I had hope. 

And somehow, I knew you felt it too.

We stare silently at each other, but two people have never said more.

Slowly, I feel the weight lifting, my breath coming easier. 

Our eyes haven’t strayed, and it becomes apparent. 

So, I cross the room, sit beside you, and smile. 





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