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The Writer’s Block #3 – Magic

I’m really enjoying these simple prompts from thinkwritten. I try to do them every day, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you have to just Freewrite, you know?

  1. Magic: Imagine you have a touch of magic, and can make impossible things happen. What would you do?

Magic is a curse!

At least that’s what I’ve always heard…and now I believe it.

When I learned about The Touch of Magic in my bloodline, I thought…

what a truly beautiful thing it was, but now…I want to be rid of it. 

It’s a scourge that runs through my veins. 

If I could, I would cast a spell to destroy the blight within me. 

But I’ve learned that once it’s a part of you, it becomes you.

When my family learned of my heritage, they abandoned me.

But that’s not the worst of my pain.

When the nobles learned of my lineage, they cast me down the ladder and drove me from my home. 

Yet the agony could never be as debilitating as it is now.

I should’ve done more…I should’ve ensured I knew what I was doing.

But I rushed into things as I always do and now I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. 

When I cast my first spell, I thought I would be overjoyed.

But instead…I’m crying over my lost love’s body as she rests peacefully in the coffin I put her in.

Magic is a curse…and now I believe it.



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