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In A Nutshell #20 – Denial

I’d like to take this time to mention that lately all of my post ideas for In A Nutshell are from a blog called the Daily Post. The one-word prompts posted on there, inspire me to write my pieces. It’s amazing what one word can do or what you can do with one word.

Denial is safe. 

It’s both wrong and right.

It provides shelter from responsibility.

And it blinds one from the truth.

Denial is safe.

It gives you the power to avoid painful situations.

It keeps people from expecting too much from you.

And you never have to face the music.

Denial is safe. 

Denial is so easy to catch.

Yet, so hard to get rid of.

And once that happens, you’ll cling to it like a drug.

Denial is safe. 

It will clog the air you breathe like a poisonous miasma.

And soon, you won’t even realize it’s become a part of you.

Until it changes you from the inside out and you no longer recognize yourself.

Denial is dangerous.




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