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Do you even Roleplay, bruh?

Multi-tasking ~ the performance of many jobs at one time.

So, I’ve been doing a bit of multitasking here and there over the past 9 months or so. I wouldn’t consider all of them jobs, though. I’d say about 50% of them are jobs. The other ones would fall into the Hobbies category.

Nevertheless, I’ve been super busy and barely feel like I’ve got time to breathe. But such is life, right? Let’s see if I can keep track of everything I’ve gotten into and these are in no particular order.

Over the past nine months I’ve: 

  • Started a new job at CCBCC as a Delivery Merchandiser driving a Goose Neck Tractor Trailer (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated for those of you who don’t know.)
  • Became a Father to this handsome little man.


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  • Published two short stories with my writing group, the Just-Us League, on Scribophile.
  • And I’ve been Roleplaying.

Right…before your mind goes to weird places, let’s back up for a minute and let me explain.

I like to play video games. It’s one of the many hobbies that take up my spare time. At this point, I’m hooked on a particular game called ARK: Survival Evolved.

It’s a survival game based on a fictional world(s), or maps, that are swarming with prehistoric dinosaurs. You can tame and ride these dinosaurs. You can build houses and civilizations. And you can start and participate in tribal wars.

I play this game, and many others, on my Xbox One console. It’s common to have games that utilize online gameplay to build communities and increase interest in the game itself.

ARK has online servers that are managed by the game developers.

All I’d have to do is join one of the hundreds of available servers and get my game on. But I was looking for something different than a stale old server. I wanted something MORE. 

And I found it on a server called

This is an Australian-based server community managed by Reconic and Foxes Soxes. A played on the server for about a month or two before they decided to start Roleplaying. The game itself is already pretty impressive, but the roleplaying aspect opened up endless possibilities.

I’ve been Roleplaying my game avatar as a half-giant by the name of Allaric Redstone who wound up on the mysterious ARK. My character was born into a society of warriors who test their new soldiers in a place they call the Gauntlet. Allaric believes the ARK is this Gauntlet considering that it has impossible living conditions and predators that ravage the weaker lifeforms on the Island.

I’ve played on during these nine months, and my character has lasted through 3 separate server seasons. But despite that, Allaric and any of the other Survivors on the ARK are trapped and can’t leave until the “The Formers,” or overseers of the ARK allow them to escape.

But this season may be the end of Allaric’s story. I haven’t decided yet.

Yet, Roleplaying as Allaric Redstone hasn’t been the only fun I’ve been having with the community. During this time, I suppose I made a good impression on Foxes Soxes and Reconic, so they decided to give me a shot at a Staff position they needed to fill. From my experience, there’s so much more to managing a server than what’s on the outside.

Primarily, Staff helps maintain the community and keep the Order strict and the chaos in check. New players must apply to the server, so as a Staff member, I must assist in processing and grading the quality of Roleplaying stories that come through. If necessary, we help the Survivors in editing their story to match our standards.

We also use an application called Discord that allows us to communicate with the growing membership that we have on the server. One of the other parts I enjoy is the opportunity to write. I suppose you could all me the Game Writer for It’s funny to say that out loud–gives it more meaning, I guess. We write what we’ve come to call the server Lore. As a whole, these are the events and circumstances of the server that we explain creatively. Such things as what map we chose, why things are the way they are, and why the Survivors were sent here are several questions we try to address. Writing the server Lore is a great way to unplug from writing short stories and novels.

At first, I joined the server to have fun gaming, but it’s turned into something else entirely.

I’ve come to care for and respect the Hosts, Reconic and Foxes Soxes, as well as the player community in general. At this point, I can’t say where the server is headed or how my role in its management will evolve; I do hope that I find out soon.

If you’d like to check out the server and the community itself, please visit If you do visit the site, please read through some of the Lore and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope to post again about Roleplaying soon.





Aspiring Writer, Avid Gamer, Green-thumbed gardener.

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