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The Moon Phase I – Week #1 (June 25-July 1)

Over the past year or two, I’ve been wrestling with the idea for a novel about the supernatural. I thought I had it all figured out; I even wrote the entire book and posted it to Scribophile to get some feedback. The book was written for a Young Adult audience and featured the main character named Peter Langston.

I called it “The Wolfling.”

Peter Langston is a werewolf(a Wolfling), thrown into the world he couldn’t possibly understand. It’s a world filled with complexity and impossibility. A world of werewolves, vampires, and witches.


After receiving some feedback and gaining some writing perspective on Scribophile, I figured out that something was missing.

I didn’t plan the book. I didn’t outline any of my ideas. I just wrote down what came to mind.

While that may work for others, it doesn’t work for me. I’ve self-published two short stories with a writing group on Scribophile called the Just-Us League. I planned those stories the way they ought to have been prepared. I took the time to examine what I wanted to write and how I wanted the story to progress.

For once, I dropped the “Pantsing” act and moved onto “Outlining.” 

Essentially, it was a positive experience, one that I would like to repeat.

So, here’s what I’m going to do…

  1. I’m going to act as if I haven’t written anything for “The Wolfling” yet.
  2. I will outline the book using a computer program designed to emulate K.M. Weiland’s Outlining practices called Outlining Your Novel.
  3. I will divide each (phase) of the writing process–as I see them– into 6.5-week increments. I expect this process to take, at most, two years.
  4. I will post at the end of each “phase” and talk about my progress, thoughts, and general direction of the book. 
  5. Once the book reaches an appropriate stage, I will post it on Scribophile and get some feedback.
  6. I will decide, whether the book will be self-published or if I will pursue traditional publishing.
  7. I will determine whether the book will feature artwork related to “The Wolfling.” I’ve always wanted to write a graphic novel. 
  8. I will acquire Beta Readers and ask for their opinions on my work.
  9. If need be, I will adjust the schedule of the “Moon Phase” as needed based on my progress
  10. At this point in time, I’ve decided that this series will be a Trilogy.

I’m sure, as this process is underway, this list will grow. It’s my hope that someone reads these posts and it urges them to take the plunge and dive into their work. I know for a fact that I’ll want to quit planning and get to writing, but I’m going to resist the urge. As writers and creators, we deserve the chance for our work to shine; we owe it to ourselves and our writing.

Why not give your work the best chance it has to succeed?

Thanks for tuning in to “The Moon Phases” and it is my hope that these posts can evolve and become more than just book updates.



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