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The Slush Pile: S01: Ep. 01 – “Pilot”

Can anyone tell me why the decision makers of new shows call the first episode “Pilot?” Anyone?

One definition is:

Something that serves as a tentative model for future experiments or developments: a pilot project.” and it is this meaning that applies to a Television series. The “pilot” episode is made on its own to test whether a show might work for viewers. Then the executives at the ‘interested network’ decide if they’re going to “pick up” the show. Often, the “pilot” serves as the first episode, but not all the time.

Game of Thrones is an excellent example of this. 

So, next time you start a new show, check out the title of the first episode and if it’s called Pilot, chances are it made the cut!

Now to the heart of this post!

The Slush Pile is meant to be a story-based effort to de-stress and unwind from planning out my novel. I realize it’s not going to be an easy process and, at times, I’ll want to bang my head against the wall and give up.

But I’m not going to do that. Not this time. I have to admit, I’d previously given up writing The Wolfling because once I realized the amount of work it needed, I ran away.

I suppose ONE of the many reasons why I’ve procrastinated when it comes to The Wolfling, is that I believe something is missing. Whether that missing variable is a character, setting, or part of the plot, I hope that I find what I’m searching for.

My goal is to take the time to plan out the compelling story arc and fill in all details. I want to consider all possible angles with The Wolfling. I know that because this is going to be a lengthy process, I’ll want frequent breaks; and that’s okay. I’ve accepted that. I believe that every writer needs a break from the hard work that goes into planning a novel or short story.

I’m hoping that The Slush Pile provides a way to take a step back and separate from the hard work for a little while. There’s nothing worse than overexerting yourself on a project too early. In my opinion, short stories are a good way to release those other ideas you have bouncing around in your head that aren’t related to your current WIP. I also hope that by recording my progress like this, I can inspire another writer to push themselves to give their writing the chance it deserves. I’m a Pantser, but I’m taking the pants off and walking around without them. It’s scary and unfamiliar, and sometimes downright weird, but I’m rolling with it!

The Current Plan

  • Write, Edit, and Post the First “Official” episode of The Slush Pile.
  • Provide a flexible schedule for posting new episodes.
  • Write posts about the “behind-the-scenes activities of The Slush Pile. (Such as who is helping me, some hints or spoilers, and new story ideas.)
  • Talk with the Volunteer Editors of my short story episodes.
  • Include artwork with each story/and possibly each episode.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but thank you for tuning into this update and I hope you enjoy what’s coming in The Slush Pile.





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