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The Moon Phase I – (August 6th-August 12th)

How does Merriam-Webster define the word Progress?

Progress: a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal). OR gradual betterment; ESPECIALLY the progressive development of humankind. 

Hmm, that doesn’t sound very much like what happened during this first Moon Phase. Let me be VERY honest here.

I procrastinated. (There I said it!)

I procrastinated like it was my job.

I procrastinated like my job depended on it.

I really didn’t get much done in the way of planning this time around, and I am ashamed. But I have an excuse…or several!

(Oh, here we go!)

NO, listen. I promise they are good…ish.

My Valid Excuses:

  • I’ve been helping manage a Private Player Dedicated ARK: Survival Evolved server with a couple of other like-minded individuals from Australia. My contribution has been ongoing since…about March of this year. For anyone familiar with ARK you’ll understand how managing a server can be time-consuming. For anyone who isn’t, if you have a Xbox One console, you should check out the game and its entirety on our server! Come see what we’ve got going on at
  • I’ve been studying thoroughly day in and day out for my CDL. For those that don’t know, it’s a Commercial Driver’s License. It’s widely-used in trucking companies. One of the central portions of the test is a Pre-trip inspection and the backing challenges. For me, the backing challenges were the hardest.
  • I spent days at the warehouse, repeatedly challenging myself with these maneuvers. It wasn’t easy for someone like me, who had no previous experience driving Tractor trailers or having to work with trailers in general.
  • I also spent a lot of my extra time studying for the Pre-Inspection portion of the test. Basically, before taking a trip in the Tractor Trailer, you have to inspect many essential parts of the vehicle to make sure it’s safe to operate. Plus, if you know what you’re looking for, it can save you a lot of headaches later on. It might help you avoid blowing a tire out on the road, or having the truck overheat because it’s low on coolant.
  • Another reason, well let’s face it, my son has taken up the rest of my extra time. I just haven’t built a daily routine that allows me to write. (I KNOW IT’S BEEN SEVEN MONTHS, BUT GEEZ IT’S SO DIFFICULT TO DO ANYTHING WITH A BABY AROUND!!) Okay, my rant is over, and you get my point.

~See, I told you my excuses were goodish. Right? I’ve decided to start these Moon Phase posts “officially” once I’ve figured out a schedule that works for our family and allows me the time to write.

~I’m chomping at the bullet though, I’d like to see my work in print and be successful, which is every writer’s dream, but that’s going to take time. That’s why I’ll take my time doing this planning thing. I’m still not a 100% on it, if I’m honest, which may also be contributing to this writing rut. But I’ll get out of it eventually, and everything will be better off for it.



Aspiring Writer, Avid Gamer, Green-thumbed gardener.

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