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The Moon Phase I – (August 13th-August 19th)

**Just a short update from my writing world**

I’ve decided to take some writing advice I received from some “writing friends” and apply it to my ongoing process.

-Essentially, they mentioned that I should never stop writing. Momentum is everything.

It’s like Newton’s First Law of Motion or what’s also known as the Law of Inertia. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another unbalanced force.

So, “staying in motion” or continuing to write no matter what while trying to avoid the unbalanced forces (procrastination, writer’s block, laziness, etc.)

-I was also advised to set a daily word count. Not to be too ambitious or expect too much at one time.

With that in mind, I plan to write 200 words a day. This includes planning my current WIP. When I look at the number, I shudder. I think I should be writing more…so much more…and that many words are a waste of time. But it’s about establishing a routine. Practicing. It doesn’t seem like much, but once I’ve achieved that goal on a weekly basis, I’ll want to increase my word count.

Once enough time has passed, I won’t need to worry so much about a daily word count–I’ll be blowing those out of the water anyway!

That’s the hope, anyway.

**I’m starting this new routine right away. I hope it works out because I can’t remember the last time I picked up a pen…my computer…to write something. I feel as though there are so many ideas waiting to be released, but my mojo is locked away and can’t free them.**

Thanks for tuning in! Until the next Moon Phase.



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