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Rough Pages #5 – 9/27/17

Good evening Wordsmiths! Hope you’re all having a good writing day! That goes for reading as well. Man, I can’t remember the last time I read a good book. Anyone have any suggestions?

I wanted to mention that I’ve posted another few rough pages from one of my WIPs called Wayward Divine. I’m especially excited to work on this project even though it’s in the early planning stages.

This rough draft was a test. I wanted to see if I’d enjoy writing the story as much as I’ve enjoyed imagining it. So far, the test has been successful. I’d like to move forward, but I wouldn’t mind having some feedback. That’s where I hope you guys will come in.

I’ve also decided to make all Patreon posts related to the Rough Pages of the Wayward Divine public for everyone to read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Before I go, has anybody seen the featured image for this post? It’s exactly what I picture when I think of the Dust Bowl Bar. It’s perfect! I’m hoping that I can get an Illustrator working on images for these stories very soon.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you guys during the next post!

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Rough Pages #4 – 9/25/17

Hey, how’s it going Wordsmiths? Hope you’ve all been having a productive September!

I’d say this month is shaping up fairly well for me. I’m working on a Co-Authored project with another writer from the Just-Us League group as well as working on short stories and planning my novel.

It’s been super busy, but I’m having a great time. I just wanted to stop in and mention that I’ve posted another few pages for a Rough Pages post on my Patreon page. If you’re interested in what happens next in the Specter story, head on over to The Write Nerd and see for yourself.

Thanks for tuning in and have a great night!

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Just-Us League Anthology #3 – Horror

Good evening everyone! If this is your first time here, Welcome, and if you’re returning–thank you I’m glad to see you.

Thanks for tuning in tonight; this post will be small a feature that discusses the upcoming Just-Us League anthology, Whispers in the Shadows. I’m not featured in this collection, but a lot of other great writers are. If you enjoy reading horror and suspense stories and you support self-published authors, this collection will be perfect for you.

Below, I’ve posted the back cover blurb for the anthology as well as the book cover reveal. As always, the book cover is perfect and captures the theme in just the right way. Show these excellent authors your support and buy the book when it comes out on October 13th. Wait a minute, isn’t that a…Friday?


Whispers in the Shadows 400x625


Even when we think we’re safe, our biggest fears can be revealed, our worst nightmares brought to life.

For some, death is inevitable: a suspended detective and killer play a bloody game of cat and mouse; a girl risks her life to save her friends from an urban legend; a doctor’s daughter works to uncover the curse on their wayward ship; and an old lady’s cats are hungry…very hungry.

For others, death would have been an easier fate: a reflection isn’t meant to talk, let alone free itself; a priestess must renew her people’s magic, but that ritual carries a terrible price; and a famous boy rejects a lovesick girl…and lives to regret it.

Through life and death, the only constant is our fear of the unknown: bloody footprints continue to walk around a lighthouse; Grandma’s warnings of the Autumn People are finally heard loud and clear; and a girl moves into a new house to find a bloodstained carpet…that no one else can see.

Keep the lights on and brace yourself for ten creepy tales of horror and misfortune.

Thank you for reading, Wordsmiths! Until next time.
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Rough Pages #3 – 9/23/17

Apocalyptic landscape

Hello Wordsmiths! I hope you’re all having a good evening/day wherever you’re from. Thanks for tuning into this post.

I’ve published another Rough Pages post on my Patreon page, and I hope you’ll check it out. It features a second WIP that I’ve decided to pick back up. The picture above is what I think of when I read the pages I’ve written so far.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…What are some words that come to mind when you see this picture?

If you’d like to see what’s going on in today’s Rough Pages, I’ve posted the link below for your convenience. I want to thank you all for reading and tune in tomorrow when I do a post featuring some work by some writing friends.

Patreon Page Link:

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Rough Pages Post #2 – 9/21/17

Hello, Wordsmiths! If this is your first time on Terraform, WELCOMEif not–then thanks for joining me again.

Today is just another shoutout for my Patreon page, The Write Nerd; so far it’s been a blast posting every day of the week. If at all possible, I’d like to post at least four times a week depending on my work schedule, baby duty, family time, and writing time.

It’s a huge expectation that’s for sure! I know that some writers don’t have near enough time to themselves and sometimes I can’t find the time either. All I can say is that I’m blessed to have as much time as I do have.

Right. Let me bring things back to the reason why I’m posting today…another Rough Pages post on my Patreon page. It’s a continuation of my first Rough Pages post; however, with a small difference.

To read it, one must sign up for a pledge amount. I’ve decided to keep some information I post Public and some information for Patrons and Pledges ONLY. Naturally, I think that’s the way of things.

Here’s the link to the post!

As always, comments and questions are welcome here!

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Rough Pages Post #1 – 9/20/17

Hello, fellow Wordsmiths!

Just wanted to mention that The Write Nerd has a new post with rough pages from one of my story poll ideas. I’ve given a hint as to the content of the post, so if you’re interested in what’s there, please click the link below.

Patreon link:

If you like what you see, consider becoming a Patreon and donating. Comments and questions are always welcome here on the blog or on The Write Nerd Patreon page.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll check out the pages.

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First Patreon Post! – 9/19/17

Hello everyone! I just wanted to mention that my Patreon page, The Write Nerd, has a new post, Creator Poll #1, that’s ready for viewing.

If you get a chance, check it out and vote in the Comments! Thank you for your support. I’ve included the link below for easy navigation.

As always, any suggestions are appreciated.