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Rough Pages Post #2 – 9/21/17

Hello, Wordsmiths! If this is your first time on Terraform, WELCOMEif not–then thanks for joining me again.

Today is just another shoutout for my Patreon page, The Write Nerd; so far it’s been a blast posting every day of the week. If at all possible, I’d like to post at least four times a week depending on my work schedule, baby duty, family time, and writing time.

It’s a huge expectation that’s for sure! I know that some writers don’t have near enough time to themselves and sometimes I can’t find the time either. All I can say is that I’m blessed to have as much time as I do have.

Right. Let me bring things back to the reason why I’m posting today…another Rough Pages post on my Patreon page. It’s a continuation of my first Rough Pages post; however, with a small difference.

To read it, one must sign up for a pledge amount. I’ve decided to keep some information I post Public and some information for Patrons and Pledges ONLY. Naturally, I think that’s the way of things.

Here’s the link to the post!

As always, comments and questions are welcome here!



Aspiring Writer, Avid Gamer, Green-thumbed gardener.

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