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Just-Us League Anthology #3 – Horror

Good evening everyone! If this is your first time here, Welcome, and if you’re returning–thank you I’m glad to see you.

Thanks for tuning in tonight; this post will be small a feature that discusses the upcoming Just-Us League anthology, Whispers in the Shadows. I’m not featured in this collection, but a lot of other great writers are. If you enjoy reading horror and suspense stories and you support self-published authors, this collection will be perfect for you.

Below, I’ve posted the back cover blurb for the anthology as well as the book cover reveal. As always, the book cover is perfect and captures the theme in just the right way. Show these excellent authors your support and buy the book when it comes out on October 13th. Wait a minute, isn’t that a…Friday?


Whispers in the Shadows 400x625


Even when we think we’re safe, our biggest fears can be revealed, our worst nightmares brought to life.

For some, death is inevitable: a suspended detective and killer play a bloody game of cat and mouse; a girl risks her life to save her friends from an urban legend; a doctor’s daughter works to uncover the curse on their wayward ship; and an old lady’s cats are hungry…very hungry.

For others, death would have been an easier fate: a reflection isn’t meant to talk, let alone free itself; a priestess must renew her people’s magic, but that ritual carries a terrible price; and a famous boy rejects a lovesick girl…and lives to regret it.

Through life and death, the only constant is our fear of the unknown: bloody footprints continue to walk around a lighthouse; Grandma’s warnings of the Autumn People are finally heard loud and clear; and a girl moves into a new house to find a bloodstained carpet…that no one else can see.

Keep the lights on and brace yourself for ten creepy tales of horror and misfortune.

Thank you for reading, Wordsmiths! Until next time.


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