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Rough Pages #5 – 9/27/17

Good evening Wordsmiths! Hope you’re all having a good writing day! That goes for reading as well. Man, I can’t remember the last time I read a good book. Anyone have any suggestions?

I wanted to mention that I’ve posted another few rough pages from one of my WIPs called Wayward Divine. I’m especially excited to work on this project even though it’s in the early planning stages.

This rough draft was a test. I wanted to see if I’d enjoy writing the story as much as I’ve enjoyed imagining it. So far, the test has been successful. I’d like to move forward, but I wouldn’t mind having some feedback. That’s where I hope you guys will come in.

I’ve also decided to make all Patreon posts related to the Rough Pages of the Wayward Divine public for everyone to read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Before I go, has anybody seen the featured image for this post? It’s exactly what I picture when I think of the Dust Bowl Bar. It’s perfect! I’m hoping that I can get an Illustrator working on images for these stories very soon.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you guys during the next post!

Photo credit: <a href=””>Midhras</a&gt; via <a href=”″></a&gt; / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC-SA</a>



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