For a time, Joshua was raised in a military family that moved from Nebraska to Georgia. Growing up Joshua utilized many creative outlets to stimulate his mind and express himself. Building Legos and playing video games allowed his mind to wander and explore fictional worlds. Joshua kept the Legos and continued gaming finding it as soothing as it was enjoyable.


However, when he hit his 7th-grade year, books like Harry Potter were sweeping the scene, and he was pulled into the fold. Soon, it was two books a week as he rode the bus to and from school. It was during this time that the seed of a writer truly began to germinate.

It wasn’t until his senior year in high school, though, that the seed finally sprouted and started to flourish. Joshua took a Creative Writing course that year to fill a requirement for graduation. Little did he know, that the class would change him in ways he couldn’t imagine. Writing became an immediate part of his routine.

Now, with inspiration derived from gaming, reading, and his lovely wife, Erin, Joshua writes every day simply because he must. Currently, he is polishing his manuscript, The Wolfling.

Joshua invites any visitors interested in his work to browse the site. Please feel free to comment on your experience. Thank you!