Photo credit: Eros_74 via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

  • “The Author Next Door” Author Spotlights, which is an in-depth Q&A interview with fellow authors. They will be in an episodic format and feature one author for a three week period (depending on the length of the interview).
  • “The Slush Pile” A short story extravaganza that will feature works I’ve written. They will be posted in “episodes” and will be full-length stories played out over time. Each story will be a Season or Saga and will continue until the story is “complete.” Complete is a relative term and once I believe all relevant loose have been tied up, I will conclude the story.
  • “The Truth Serum” A casual and conversational, yet frank review on books that I read. I’ll use a Star Rating System.
  • “In A Nutshell” posts every Thursday, which is short flash fiction ranging from 100-800 words. It could even be a non-fiction post about something of interest.
  • “The Moon Phase” a post that gives a regular update on my current manuscript, the Wolfling (Working Title).
  • Other frequent updates (Project Reveals, New Q&A announcements, New Publications, Posts about Life, etc.)
  • J.L. Bernard

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